Innovative new solutions to your toughest marketing challenges.

Complementing GEN’s strong core portfolio is a new suite of purpose-built products and services designed to meet recent seismic market shifts head on, providing our highly engaged audience with new opportunities to rapidly obtain the information they need in a virtual setting.

GEN Live is a stylized editorial broadcast featuring GEN’s Senior Editors and high-profile experts in an exciting, intimate discussion of a hot, newsworthy topic impacting the life sciences. Each monthly episode is streamed live via video to a broad audience of pre-registered attendees and carries exclusive sponsorship across all materials plus your custom introduction read by a GEN Senior Editor.

GEN Virtual

Delivering thought-leadership, focused branding, and deep engagement of prospective customers, GEN Virtual is an influential, half-day digital event that leaves an actionable impact on your target audience. Exclusively sponsored by your company and developed hand-in-hand with our team, GEN Virtual leverages our deep industry connections to align your brand and its high-priority solutions with the foremost leaders in the field.


GEN Protocols is an innovative new digital hub and Annual Guide delivering a curated collection of scientific protocols, methods, tips & tricks, tutorials, and application notes in biotech. Showcase your unique ability to accelerate your prospective customers’ research to build brand loyalty and drive qualified leads directly into your sales pipeline.

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