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The new GEN Website delivers the experience today’s on-the-go global market needs to quickly and efficiently obtain the latest life sciences industry news and information: impactful images, intuitive user interface, and end-to-end mobile responsiveness. Our completely revamped suite of website marketing capabilities and ad placements are developed with industry leading standards to prevent ad blindness and enhance engagement. Push notification functionality via the new GEN Mobile App for iOS and Android drives increased qualified traffic to your ads, delivering higher ROI than ever before.

Fully optimized and improved industry-standard placements in addition to new high-impact opportunities:

  • Topic Takeover: Secure all ad spaces on a topic page aligned with your brand
  • Middle Article Inline Ad: Reach engaged visitors as they read articles and page content
  • Anchor Article Inline Ad: Reach our most engaged audience as they interact with our site

GEN Website Delivers:

  • Dynamic global audience of more than 230,000 engaged monthly visitors
  • More than 460,000 pageviews per month
  • Fully refreshed, mobile-optimized design
  • Touchpoints across desktop and mobile, including within the new GEN Mobile App
  • Built-in credibility for your brand via positioning alongside our trusted editorial content
  • Improved targeting capabilities based on visitor behavior
  • Opportunity to run multiple creatives simultaneously
  • Performance reporting to effectively measure ROI

Survey Says...

95% of GEN readers say their time on is productive

230k Visitors Per Month

GEN website averages more than 230,000 visitors every month

460k Pageviews Per Month

GEN website averages 460,000 monthly pageviews

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