GEN Virtual

New! Educate, engage, qualify, and convert with an exclusively sponsored virtual event as only GEN can do it

  • Purpose-built, half-day symposium features a roundtable, breakout group, webinar, and networking lounge
  • Omnipresent Resource Center showcases your product demos, theater presentations, and other informative materials

  • Leverage GEN’s editorial expertise to secure high-profile speakers and develop a highly engaging, impactful agenda
  • End-to-end production and marketing management and execution

  • High-quality interaction and market feedback from your target audience through in-event Q&A, polls, and chat

  • Attendees seamlessly convert to highly qualified leads by requesting information and scheduling meetings your sales team directly within event platform

Omnipresent Resource Center

Showcases your product demos and informative materials

Robust Interaction and Market Feedback

Execute in-event Q&A and polls and engage directly with attendees via always-on chat

Deeply Engaged Leads

Attendees request information and schedule meetings directly with your sales team within the event

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