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New! The innovative new hub for scientific protocols, methods, tips & tricks, tutorials, and application notes in biotech

  • Fully responsive digital hub accessible 24/7 on the GEN Website to more than 420,000 unique visitors each month

  • Dyanmic, exclusively branded webpages showcase your protocols, tutorials, posters, and app notes

  • Branded content spread in the Annual Protocols Guide delivered alongside GEN Magazine to 65,000 qualified subscribers

  • Editorially reviewed for maximum credibility and impact

  • Interactive platform enables researchers to communicate directly with your brand through lead generation forms and feedback

Innovative Digital Hub

Accessible 24/7 on the GEN Website to more than 420,000 visitors each month

Dynamic Multimedia Content

Showcases your unique solutions and their innovative applications in the lab

High-Quality Leads

Lead generation and feedback forms put leads directly into your sales pipeline

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