GEN Advantage Integrated Content Marketing Services

GEN is the only media brand that combines state-of-the-art audience targeting technology, an omnichannel strategy, and a goals-driven approach to create high-impact, high-return content marketing campaigns. Powered by GEN AI and available exclusively to GEN Advantage clients*, our programs are purpose-built to develop an enduring, positive market position for your brand, product, or service and include a live dashboard that delivers critical behavioral insights on your target audience and their actions to achieve fully maximized ROI.

GEN Drive

Generate awareness at scale by promoting your educational, thought-leader content to a precision-targeted audience of our known, engaged GEN readers. Drive qualified traffic and impressions to your landing page and content assets across email, social, and web over a timeframe aligned with the duration of your campaign or timed with a key event or marketing milestone.

GEN Activate

Activate your pre-qualified target audience with a multi-stage journey that moves them seamlessly from consideration to converted leads ready to invest. Engage prospects through a series of triggered campaigns centered on your educational, thought-leader content to put high-quality leads directly into your sales pipeline.

GEN Accelerate

Develop high-impact, fully customized campaigns that engage your target audience across multiple channels with a series of educational content based on their unique attributes and behaviors. Optimization throughout the duration of your campaign ensures your target personas receive the right message in the time and place that is right for them. The result is an accelerated sales and marketing cycle that meets your goals faster than ever before.

*GEN Advantage opportunities are available exclusively to clients with a minimum spend per calendar year on core GEN products. Contact your Strategic Marketing Consultant for details.

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