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GEN Tech Focus delivers a critical summary of what industry leaders need to know within a core area of biotechnology, strategically designed and mobile-optimized for the highest level of engagement. Delivered to a targeted, fully opted-in email audience with an expressed interest in OMICS, Drug Discovery, Genome Editing, or Cancer Research, GEN Tech Focus ensures increased levels of purchase consideration by reaching your target audience as they’re seeking new product information.

Exclusive single-sponsor opportunities available: Designed to comprehensively showcase your brand or product, ad positions surround content and can contain multiple creatives and link to various assets that support your message and drive results. Topic(s) chosen to fit your brand.

GEN Tech Focus Delivers:

  • Targeted monthly distribution to up to 60,000 engaged readers
  • High open and click-through rates
  • Opportunity to align your message with GEN’s expert coverage on a related topic
  • Performance reporting to effectively measure ROI

Multi-sponsor, turnkey opportunities also available:

  • Drug Discovery
    • Alzheimer’s Disease – January 17
    • Target Identification – May 16
    • Antibiotic/Antimicrobial – September 19
    • NGS Sequencing Challenges– February 21
    • Sequencing Sample Preparation – June 20
    • Molecular Diagnostics – October 17
  • Cancer Research
    • Immuno-Oncology –March 21
    • Microbiome – July 18
    • Biomarkers/Drug Discovery – November 21
  • Genome Editing
    • CRISPR – April 18
    • TALEN/ZFN (CRISPR Alternatives) – August 15
    • Cas9 Improvements/Replacements – December 21

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Reach up to 60,000 engaged readers with a demonstrated interest in a topic aligned with your brand

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