GEN magazine provides direct access to an audience of 65,000 highly qualified subscribers 21 times a year, and our unique tabloid format gives your ad the greatest impact. GEN readers rely on the magazine to increase their awareness of tools and technologies and spend 45-60 minutes with each issue. No other publication provides a more compelling advertising environment than GEN magazine, with extended reach via the GEN digital edition.

Measure Your Print

We offer AdBrand™ adlift studies to determine the visual appeal, value, and overall effectiveness of your print ad. Verbatim comments from those responding to the study are also provided. A great opportunity to receive direct feedback from our readers!

GEN Magazine

Return on Your Investment

  • Maximum ad impact, tabloid format
  • Guaranteed audience of 65,000 qualified GEN readers
  • Positioning alongside exclusive editorial content
  • Published 21 times a year
  • Inclusion in AdBrand™ adlift studies
  • Bonus distribution at over 75 key scientific meetings

Ask about our premium add-on programs

  • Cover tip with custom trade show options
  • Center spread foldout strategically placed
  • Page one strip ad prominently on the front cover
  • Custom branded poster on a topic of your choice
Download the Full Print Media Kit for Rates and Specs