GEN’s eBook program places highly qualified prospects directly into the hands of your sales team. Our innovative, interactive eBook platform allows you to place educational content, assets, and ads alongside high-valued GEN content on a topic of your choice. Leverage our 360-degree design, development, and deployment service, including editorial consultation, and production and design management, as well as a comprehensive marketing plan both pre- and post-publication for additional on-demand lead-gen opportunities. To view, users must fill out a registration form—making eBooks a surefire lead-generation tool. Final product: 20–32 pages.

GEN eBooks

Return on Your Investment

  • Premium lead generation
  • Personalized editorial consultation
  • Layout and design management
  • Multi-channel promotion across all platforms
  • Traffic and engagement reporting
  • Archiving on GEN website for 12 months
  • Direct link to eBook for your marketing

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